Where to Get Rehabilitation


Сerebral palsy Cerebrovascular accident
Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital, 117 Leninsky Ave.Federal center of cerebrovascular pathology and stroke, Ostrovityanova str., 1, p. 10
«Complex rehabilitation and educational center» Of the Department of labor and social protection of the population of Moscow, Fedosino str., 20Center of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation, Nikoloyamskaya str., 20, p. 1
 Moscow scientific and practical center of medical rehabilitation, rehabilitation and sports medicine Of the Department of health of the city of Moscow, branch number 3 multidisciplinary clinic,
2nd Volskaya str., 19, p. 1

Republic of Tatarstan

Сerebral palsy Cerebrovascular accident
Children’s Republican clinical hospital, Kazan, Orenburg tract, 140 City clinical hospital No. 7, Kazan, Marshal Chuikov str., 54
  Hospital for veterans of wars, Kazan, Isaeva str., 5

Republic Of Crimea

Сerebral palsy Cerebrovascular accident
Clinical medical multidisciplinary center of St. Luke, Simferopol, Blvd. Lenin 5/7