Technique’s Applicability


Patient selection criteria for applying the rehabilitation procedure using the brain-computer interface (BCI)-controlled hand exoskeleton:

  • Adult patients up to 80 years old who suffered stroke 1-24 months ago;
  • Children suffering cerebral palsy;
  • Patients with post-stroke hand paresis (individuals with light to severe motor impairment including totalloss of motor functions in one or several joints);
  • Patients with single focus of ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke with a supratentorial localization (based on MRI and CT data).

Both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs are available.

The rehabilitation procedure is not recommended for patients with:

  • Severe impairment of cognitive functions;
  • Impairment of speech perception;
  • Severe speech impairment;
  • Severe vision impairment making unable to see clearly the instructions on computer monitor;
  • Hand muscle contractures that are limiting opportunity to make active and passive movements in joints

Medical centers providing «Exokist-2» rehabilitation service are listed here.